Is your water heater causing you trouble? Look no further than Reids A/C Heating & Plumbing for expert repair and replacement services. As a master-licensed plumbing company, we specialize in maintaining and servicing water heaters, ensuring your home remains cozy and comfortable.

When you turn on the tap, you expect a steady stream of hot water for your daily needs, whether showering, laundry, or dishwashing. But what happens when your hot water supply starts to dwindle? That’s where Reids A/C Heating & Plumbing comes in. With unrivaled expertise, we ensure your hot water remains plentiful and problem-free.

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    Yearly service of a tank less water heaters in progress.

    We provide BBB A+ Rated fast, convenient and affordable hot water heater services in Tomball, Houston, Cypress, The Woodlands, Conroe, Magnolia, and Spring TX.

    • Tank Replacement
    • Tankless Systems
    • Thermostat Repair/Replacement
    • Heating Element Replacement
    • Pressure Relief Valve Replacement
    • Tank Flushing
    • Pipe Insulation
    • Expansion Tank Installation
    • Burner Cleaning
    • Gas Valve Replacement

    Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Water Heater

    Age: If your water heater has surpassed a decade in age and you haven’t maintained it regularly, it’s likely approaching the end of its lifespan.

    Strange Noises: Rumbling or banging sounds indicate sediment buildup in the tank, leading to decreased efficiency and potential leaks.

    Water Leakage: Any signs of water pooling around your water heater suggest a cracked tank, necessitating immediate replacement.
    Choosing the Right Water Heater

    Rusty Water: Rusty or discolored water coming out of faucets.

    Inadequate Hot Water: Consistently running out of hot water or fluctuating temperatures.

    Corrosion: Visible signs of corrosion or rust on the tank or plumbing connections.

    Sediment Buildup: Sediment or debris in hot water, indicating tank deterioration.

    Increased Energy Bills: A sudden spike in energy bills due to decreased efficiency.

    Frequent Repairs: Repeated repairs or maintenance issues despite professional service.

    Age of House: If the water heater is the same age as the house, it’s likely due for replacement.

    Hot Water Heaters

    Reids A/C Heating & Plumbing proudly offers a range of water heaters, including the Rheem Professional Grade series. With options ranging from 6 to 12 years of warranty, featuring larger sacrificial Anode rods for enhanced durability, we ensure your investment lasts.

    For those seeking endless hot water and space-saving solutions, our Navien NPE-240A condensing tankless water heaters are ideal. Whether you have a large family, enjoy long soaks in the spa tub, do frequent laundry, or have limited space, Navien tankless water heaters provide efficient and continuous hot water.

    Navien Tankless Water Heaters: Efficiency Redefined

    Navien tankless water heaters heat water only when you demand hot water. They keep supplying hot water until everyone is through demanding it, ensuring everyone gets the hot water they need simultaneously. Available in gas or electric units, Navien tankless water heaters are space-efficient, taking up only 1/4 the space of a tank water heater.

    Why Choose Navien?

    A Navien tankless water heater from Reids A/C Heating & Plumbing is 98% efficient in energy usage, compared to around 80% for average tankless water heaters and 60% for tank units. Navien tankless water heaters also last about twice as long as traditional tank water heaters with regular maintenance. As a Navien dealer, we are committed to providing our customers with the best value and efficiency.

    Whether you’re considering a tankless water heater or a traditional tank unit, Reids A/C Heating & Plumbing has the expertise and options to meet your hot water needs. Reach out to us today so that we can efficiently and affordably meet your hot water needs.