It goes without saying that everyone wants to start off summer in a comfortable zone and with the assurance that the cooling systems will not fail them. A professional troubleshooting and maintenance exercise will ensure that you are well taken care of when the heat flares up. Here are reasons you should take care of and regularly maintain your air conditioner.

Maintain Your Air Conditioner – Save Money on Your Energy Bill

Handshake after maintain your air conditioner consultation.According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heating and cooling account for about 48 percent of your energy bill. While modern units are more energy-efficient, they still remain the largest energy expense in a typical home. In the U.S. An air conditioner that you do not regularly inspect and service will bump up the energy bill substantially. Because, it will require more power to achieve the same cooling results.

During a service session, your HVAC contractor will ensure that the thermostat is set right and that your unit is running at peak efficiency. Key issues of concern include clogged filters, which cause the system to work harder, and dirty evaporator coils, which reduce your AC’s ability to absorb heat. If necessary, your contractor can recommend replacing an old AC with a modern high-efficiency model or a unit that’s size suits your needs.

Keep Your Family Healthy

Regular inspections of your AC can save you and your family from unnecessary medical issues. A neglected or old air conditioning unit can be one of the prime breeding grounds for all sorts of polluting. And, poisonous substances and can be a risk to your family’s health. A poorly maintained air conditioner full of dust can cause respiratory conditions such as asthma. Mold, fungi and mildew also thrive in damp conditions. This could all be happening inside your AC unit.

It is also not uncommon to find dead insects, small mammals and reptiles inside your conditioning unit, especially outdoor components. If you do not remove them in time, their decomposing bodies can result in harmful bacteria being pumped into the air that you breathe. You can minimize these potential health hazards by scheduling a regular inspection of your AC unit.

The Environmental Protection Agency recommends that you clean your air ducts at least once every year to reduce health problems. It is also important to note that you have very little to worry about if you maintain your air conditioner unit as often as your HVAC contractor recommends.

Your AC Unit Will Serve You Longer

Servicing your air conditioning unit regularly will ensure you get efficient and profitable usage longer. Good air conditioners are a significant financial investment, so extending their life span through professional maintenance is a wise financial move. One major advantage of maintenance is picking up small problems before they escalate into major and costly challenges. A minor dysfunction, such as electric-control failure, can have a chain effect that can eventually result in an irreparable failure.

A good HVAC contractor will check for the correct amount of the refrigerant. Then test for leaks and capture any refrigerate that might have leaked. So, you do not illegally release it to the environment. They will also test for seal duct leakages, check for airflow through the evaporator coils, verify your unit’s electric control sequence. Finally, they will check the accuracy of your thermostat settings.

Maintain Your Air Conditioner – Follow Manufacture Instructions

In addition to regularly maintaining your air conditioning unit, there are steps you can take to achieve higher efficiency and keep your unit safe. Check and understand the manufacturer’s instructions and invest in a good HVAC contractor for expert advice and professional services.

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